Paladino “refudiates” Tea Party principles again

Carl Paladino “refudiates” another Tea Party principle in his new proposal to federalize lower Manhattan. The 10th Amendment protects the rights of the States and the People against the federal government. This is a critical issue within the Tea Party movement.

Warren Redlich, the Libertarian candidate for Governor and a speaker at several Tea Party events, rejected Paladino’s latest proposal: “History has shown us what happens when people give power to bigoted strongmen with a disregard for the fundamental rules of government.”

Paladino previously disregarded the Tea Party movement’s opposition both to eminent domain abuse and reckless government spending by proposing a New York State taking of the area around the World Trade Center.

In addition, Paladino has personally benefited from “economic development” and openly advocates for it in his campaign. This corporate welfare, in the form of bailouts, was one of the biggest sparks in the explosion of the Tea Party movement.

And of course, Paladino gave $1000 to Senator Chuck Schumer’s campaign on June 30, 2009, five days after Schumer announced his plan for a “public option” in federal health insurance reform.

“Carl Paladino does not believe in the Tea Party movement,” Redlich said, “He and his consultants are merely using the movement to advance their own personal agendas.”