Hyperinflation: Countering Matthew O’Brien

Matthew O’Brien contended in an article in the Atlantic that the US can’t face hyperinflation like the Weimar Republic did. Considering my previous post on hyperinflation, I have to critique O’Brien’s analysis. Right now getting the markets to buy our debt isn’t the problem. Right now. Sort of. It is true that investors, rather than …

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Romama vs. Obamney

I was looking at my absentee ballot today. Maybe my eyes are getting blurry. This is what I saw: I guess I’m having trouble telling the difference between them. We keep hoping we’ll find a candidate who will stop wasting our money. Instead we get a battle over how they’ll waste our money.

Rand Paul: Government Bullies – Book Review

I was so excited about Government Bullies that I pre-ordered it on Amazon and posted a picture on Facebook when it arrived. Then I read it. There are two major flaws with the book. First, it plays loose with the facts. Second, it says things that run contrary to the liberty movement. To be fair, …

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