Obama Fake Shotgun Photo: Fauxbama

After a mini-controversy about a claim from President Obama that he shoots clay pigeons at Camp David, the White House released a photo of “Obama” shooting a $2500 Browning Citori shotgun. Problem: It doesn’t look like the President’s watch. The President is generally seen with a more expensive watch prompting the company that sells it to create this website: Barack’s Watch.

And that leaves aside why the President, or his stunt double (aka Fauxbama) is shooting a fancy Japanese-made gun instead of a down-to-earth Mossberg or Remington. Or we could get into the Jorg Gray watch being made in China. But who cares?

See CNN story, NY Times, etc.

To be clear, I’m not saying there’s an evil cabal in the White House employing sophisticated and devious lies.

I”m saying there’s a collection of evil lying idiots in the White House and they’re dumb enough to do something this stupid.

Perhaps even more unbelievable is this web page about the history of Obama’s watches.

And for a further update, it appears that Fauxbama is wearing cheap ear protection, a $30 pair of muffs to go with the $2500 gun. Note how the lines on the image from the item at Amazon match the lines on the side of the muffs on the fake Obama.
Obama Ear Protection

And here’s another take on Fauxbama Gate:
Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 9.01.03 PM

Update (2/5/13): Someone else pointed out that Obama was wearing his Jorg Gray watch earlier that day, in a picture that can be seen here: African American Lifestyle Magazine.


  1. I’ve seen this silly fake photo all over the web today. The entire thing, not just the segment seen above. And anybody with half a brain can see that it’s photoshopped. Smoke doesn’t blast out of a shotgun like that. And his finger isn’t even accurately on the trigger. And why is he pointing it straight ahead? The clay pigeon is up in the air, not in front of him. This picture is a major photoshop fail, and the fools who made it for him don’t even have sense enough to realize it.

  2. I’m not sure it’s photoshopped, but there’s a good chance it’s a stunt double. That’s not his watch, and the guy is wearing cheapo ear protection.

  3. It IS the President. He owns more than one watch. Most people are smart enough to not wear their most expensive watch when they are shooting. This is called common sense. It doesn’t matter if headgear costs $30.00 or $300.00 as long as it is effective. This is also called common sense. Certainly Conservatives can find something of substance to complain about other than a photo they want to call fake. This is the kind of talk that makes Conservatives look like a bunch of sore losers and crazy people. Think about it.

    I’m amazed that you didn’t analyse his hand position on the rifle and deduce that it is a fake, for most people, even left-handers, shoot right-handed. The rifle is also up very high on his shoulder, it is usually a good 5 cm lower than this for an effective shot. Is it a fake, or is Obama simply a novice at shooting?

    Come on, if you are in for a penny, then do be in for a pound. If yer gonna go in for the crazy, then go all the way in. Please, Governor, proceed.

  4. He does own more than one watch, but I’ve researched this and I don’t think he’s ever been seen with this one before. See the link in the post about the history of his watches.

    I’m not saying the photo is fake. I’m saying the guy holding the gun ain’t him. It’s Fauxbama.

    As for crazy, I think I established myself there long before this. ☺

  5. This person isn’t skeet shooting. No where does a person shoot straight for the skeet, ALSO…. just a thought, when is it being released in front of them. Its a big lie, just like everything else that has to do with that horrible person.

  6. I don’t think it’s a photoshop. Look at the pictures of him golfing. He’s wearing the same black watch. It may be a photo op, but not phot shop.

  7. Avodah, first it’s not rifle, if your gonna go all common sensical at least get your facts straight. And the reason most left handed shooters shoot right, is because left handed guns are special order and thus not as common….the point of the cheap ear protection and watch are valid observations. You only have one set of ears and if you are gonna shoot a $2500 shotgun, I’m pretty sure you can afford quality ear protection. And why would anyone wear a cheap watch target shooting? Didn’t realize it was a contact sport. Also, I noticed you didn’t bother addressing the issue of why he was shooting straight ahead if he was shooting clays.

  8. avodah, I shoot skeet and was a armorer in the military and the gases from a weapon including a shotgun DOES NOT ESCAPE four inches or so from the muzzle like this one does first off.. and if he is worried about his hearing cheap stuff does not help much.. If he was shooting skeet like this is suppose to be showing the muzzle would be higher up than it is.. and considering how a narcissist he is he would be wearing a higher dollar value hearing and a better watch… after all a man that will spend $7 million of taxpayers money on a family vacation for Christmas can afford better equipment that is shown here… for you to say different I would say that you are one of his supporters ..

  9. I think the photo’s completely legit, but a last-minute photo-op. It doesn’t change the fact that he’s just out of touch with gun owners, which is the heart of the problem here. This photo actually goes to confirm it.

    Also, the face of the watch might not actually be white… could just be glare.

  10. It’s not the president because last time I checked, the Secret Service would not allow any loaded firearms within range of the president unless it was the secret service who were carrying. Not even the president can use a gun. He doesn’t have that privilege, just like he doesn’t have the privilege of driving himself.

  11. Come on, I’m no fan of O, and given the angle of the gun its clearly a propaganda pic but do a comparison to other pics and you will see it is him right down to the two bumps on the side of his elbow joint.

  12. Veins in his forehead don’t match up, multiple Light Sources, and can anyone find another pic of him in a short sleeve shirt? Check those scars out, I would be willing to bet he doesn’t have scars on his left forearm below the elbow.

  13. Hey Avado when trying to be hyper analytical be sure you know half a percent about the subject at hand. First of all he is shooting a shotgun not a rifle. Second, being a 6 year Marine Corps veteran, twelve years in LE (10 spent on SWAT, 5 as a firearms instructor) I can assure you virtually all left handed shooters shoot left handed because they are also left eye dominant and the ones who shoot right are exceedingly rare. This is why left handed rifles and firearm controls are made. Third, the shooter is demonstrating perfect hand placement and but stock placement for proper cheek weld and sight alignment. Please go back to whatever google web site you got your, “gun knowledge” from and then smash your computer with a hammer. I just want to make sure you are in the the whole pound and what not.

  14. How many teeth did he knock out, with that stock buried in his cheek?
    Surprised he didn’t leeave his jawbone in the dirt.
    Funny stuff.

    However, I talked to Dick Chenney today, and he said he’d like to hunting with our sportsman President.

  15. If he waited until the last minute to shoot the pigeon, then it could indeed be closer to the ground, and as such, require shooting straight ahead.

    Likewise, his barrel is vented to reduce recoil. This explains the gasses going off to the side. It is also the same thing that a muzzle break does on an “assault weapon”.

    I also wouldn’t wear my most expensive watch while shooting a gun. I don’t want to think what recoil would do to the inner workings of a fancy watch.

    Not trying to defend the guy, but this is really grasping at straw here…

  16. @ avodah sir your not even bright enough to differentiate between what a rifle and a shotgun is, so the rest of your comment becomes irrelevant learn the basics before putting yourself out there as “smart enough” to defend a watch better luck next time buddy!

  17. avodah- Thank you for educating us with your encyclopedic knowledge of firearms and shooting skills.

    Oh, by the way…it is a SHOTGUN, not a rifle.

  18. Emily Miller has an article on the Washington Post saying the gun is actually upwards of $5000. And I don’t care if the picture is fake or not – the man in the picture is fake. He’s fake for attempting to portray himself as having a clue about the mindset of ordinary Americans.

  19. Or perhaps a more pertinent question: WHO GIVES A FUCK? You guys are allowing them to hijack the narrative. He’s trying to subvert the 2nds Amendment for fucks sake! He says he goes skeet shooting like, that means he understands gun owners. The 2ndtime Amendment doesn’t have anything to do with skeet shooting. It about keeping the population armed to protect against guys like king barack. Even a knowledging this photo plays right into their hands. They WANT you distracted by this, talking about this, instead of, say, pitching a fit about where the missing page #13 in the fienstien assault weapons ban bill is. What could be in page #13?! It’s no wonder we got creamed. Get your heads out of your asses! Concentrate! Stay focused!

  20. @Mike this is not true, I’m a left handed shooter, but i’m cross eye dominant. You can shoot left handed/right-eyed

  21. Not getting into this debate if it is real or not, I myself change watches when I go out to the field and it is easy for any organization to have a president take up a weapon and shoot, take a photo and say they are pro-gun, anti-gun, etc.

  22. Whether it’s him or not, one thing is clear: the person shooting doesn’t really know how to shoot. The shotgun is up too high on the shoulder – which was probably very sore the day after this photo. Also, unless he’s shooting trap, his stance and aim is wrong. Which also means he’s a novice, if he doesn’t know the difference between trap and skeet. Since the photo was taken in quick frame, enough to catch the smoke (which, by the way, is exiting from both the end of side of the barrel because the barrel is ported) there should be more captured “movement” such as some recoil on the firearm. Which also leads me to believe he is shooting blanks. In the end, this is most likely a “photo op” shot that someone thought would be brilliant to try and curb the pro gun argument that Obama hates guns. It’s still a failure.

  23. As a competitive trap shooter i know for a fact that were the gun is pointed and how he is holding it is not what would leed it to be fake. Secondly his finger is off the trigger and the gun looks blurred do to recoil. I am no expert when it comes to photoshop but i would analyze the different effects and shadowing needed to create a fake. More importantly it does not matter weather it is fake or not, it is your constitutional right to own a firearm. If you feel that guns are unnecessary then dont but them no one is forcing you. No gun ban will get the guns out of the hands of gangs and criminals, all gun bans do is disarm the innocent in hand giving criminals an advantage.

  24. There is no recoil as he shoots. Everybody knows there is kickback that pushes the shooters head and shoulder back.

  25. I have read all of them up to here. Philo has it right. Details about this photo matters not. You all act like cats following Obama’s pin light. You run back and forth in which ever way he wants when he flicks his wrist. Your so distracted by his little P.R. light, you all run around like fools. Until “BAM!” you run head long into a wall. While he laughs at you. Foolishness. Why waste time on his games when what we are suppose to be doing is marching together to stop this war monger at the gate and defend our RIGHTS!
    Think about it and stop being distracted.

  26. Wow some of you people truly are idiots! First off smokeless powder isn’t completely smokeless! All shotguns have a small gas cloud created by the released pressure caused by the burning powder. Next only one”vent” or properly named “port” is doing this because you only shoot one barrel at a time! A browning citori has a selective Safety that allows you to choose which to fire first…but not at the same time…so with this being said, maybe you should get your facts strait before you pick apart a picture like this…

  27. I agree with Philo and Beverly. I don’t believe Obama skeet shoots all the time but who cares if he does or not? I don’t shoot anything, but I support our constitution. I think people were catching on that he was trying to demonize a group of Americans he does not like and looks down on, and maybe some elitist thought this picture makes the President look like a regular guy, a Teddy Roosevelt as it were. One picture may be worth a thousand words, but actions still speak louder than words and you have to watch what this man is doing.

  28. Folks, let’s take a real good look at the picture. Run a straight line from the top of the front sight to Obama’s eye. You got it, his line of sight, down that barrel, is blocked by the rear sight. Look at his stance, you point a shotgun, you aim a rifle – Obama is aiming a shotgun; you don’t hold it across your body like you do a rifle. This is a Browning Citori 625 12-gauge Sporting Shotgun. It has two barrels in an over/under configuration. Notice the choke on the top barrel. Where’s the choke on the bottom barrel? This shotgun has 4 ports each side, each barrel, forward the muzzle. In the picture, the scope of those ports can be seen in the stripe that appears on the barrel. Smoke should be coming from all four ports, not from dead center the four ports! Who but a novice shoulders a 12-gauge shotgun that way? Want to have a bruised shoulder/arm? Try it some time. You won’t do it twice, that’s for sure. According to the picture, Obama has just touched off. Where is the recoil which would be instantaneous? And, considering it is a 12 gauge, there would be a strong recoil! And considering the way he is holding this gun, it would not be surprising if the recoil caused the gun to recoil right over his shoulder. Obama is supposedly shooting skeet. You ever see anyone shooting skeet with the gun at level?

  29. “”Philo
    February 2, 2013 at 9:57 pm
    Or perhaps a more pertinent question: WHO GIVES A F—? You guys are allowing them to hijack the narrative. He’s trying to subvert the 2nds Amendment for f—s sake! He says he goes skeet shooting like, that means he understands gun owners. The 2ndtime Amendment doesn’t have anything to do with skeet shooting. It about keeping the population armed to protect against guys like king barack. Even a knowledging this photo plays right into their hands. They WANT you distracted by this, talking about this, instead of, say, pitching a fit about where the missing page #13 in the feinstein assault weapons ban bill is. What could be in page #13?! It’s no wonder we got creamed. Get your heads out of your asses! Concentrate! Stay focused!”"

    Damn well said Philo. This entire gun grab is BS Scare tactics and used when the REAL BIG Shit they dont want you to know about needs to get done. Shit like the Signing of a New Federal Reserve Bank Contract between the US and the Privately Owned Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve Contract EXPIRED as of December 22, 2012… WE HAVE NO ENFORCEABLE CONTRACT with the Privately Owned Federal Reserve Banking System RIGHT NOW. But Instead of Beating on the Doors of your Senators and Representatives about a FULL SEPARATION from the Illegal and Crooked Federal Reserve Banking System, they got you all Talking about trying to use a few Thousand Federal Personal, to take the Guns from 150 MILLION Americans. REALLY? Think about that? That would mean Each Federally Employed Gun Grabber would need to Confiscate approximately 10 million guns each. IT is Logistically Impossible.

    But what is ENTIRELY Doable, is signing a new Open Ended Federal Reserve Contract with the Crooked and Illegally Functioning Federal Reserve Banking System, and do it while you all think about what logistically can not happen.

    3 things, and ONLY 3 Things will get People to turn over or drop their guns.
    1. A Nuclear Bomb
    3 the Return of Jesus

    and I can guarantee you the first two dont qualify, and the 3rd one barely does.

  30. You are leaving out the one most obvious thing to me. Skeet ranges are always set up with the sun behind the shooters. You wear clear or light yellow safety glasses when shooting. You wouldn’t wear dark sun glasses, since they would just make it much harder for you to see the targets.

  31. It is very telling that the tool in the White House felt the need to waste our taxpayer money on trying to establish that he has in fact, shot a gun. While I believe this photo op is as real as professional wrestling, I think it is telling that b.o. honestly feels he can lie with impunity about anything and the msm lapdog toadies will allow it. Had this been his predecessor, msnbc, cnn, abc, nbc, and cbs would have had photography experts out the wazoo to analyze the shadow, smoke drift, etc. It is another smoke and mirrors attempt to distract us from his daily growing list of failures.

  32. Most lefty’s shoot right because most of us shoot a semiautomatic or pump shotgun that ejects the shell….this is an over and under so I guess he can shoot on either side without taking one in the eye.

  33. In the stance that Obama has, stock placement is correct only if you are “spraying and praying” with an M16. Not with a skeet gun. Try to shoot this way with a 12 gauge shotgun, with the corner of the butt in your shoulder, and you will only shoot once. Also his eyes are BELOW the sight plane on top of the gun. He cannot even aim or point it in this position! It looks like he is aiming it from the side, again, like “spraying and praying” with an M16. Lastly, some guns are “vented” at the end of the barrel, to help with kick and muzzle flip. But I have NEVER seen a barrel ported so far from the muzzle. It looks rediculous! This is a poorly staged picture. BTW you might change shirts 3 times in one day, BUT YOUR WATCH TOO? COME ON!

  34. In the analysis of this pic I believe that it is most likely his grace Obama shooting a shotgun. However, the smoke is photoshopped. The slightly misplaced finger and his line of sight being obscured by the shotgun, as well as the bulge in his cheek are all products of recoil. The recoil is far more than this boob expected. You can see the blur of the gun in the original photo on the Flickr website, and that looks genuine as well. Bottom line is that this is a photo op, with a slight bit of photoshopping which makes the whole thing a farce. Just keep in mind this “man’s” ultimate goal is the eventual confiscation of all arms, if not now, sometime in the future. These people have no timetable. They have ultimate goals of absolute power, regardless of proclamations to the contrary.

  35. Has anyone check out where he is on skeet range? By using the background of the White House released photo and aerial view of the Camp David Skeet Range… Specifically the grassy knoll, the widening of the path, and grass edge along the path turnaround……..there is only one place he could be standing. I found it interesting and so telling. Let me know what you come up with…..

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