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  1. Amen. The biggest problem I face on the street is the preconceived notions people have about me and what I am doing, based on their experiences with officers like those described in this video. It always brings to mind a case I had a year ago where I had to arrest somebody who was interfering with my investigation of an alleged assault. The ‘victim’s’ story didn’t add up. So I interviewed people there trying to prove the ‘suspect’ was innocent. An individual took it upon himself to get between us shouting and screaming that they shouldn’t be talking to the police. I even tried to explain to him that the situation wasn’t what he thought it was. In the end I had to arrest him to complete my investigation and prove this guy didn’t do it. Fact is, if this guy had experiences with law enforcement that were positive, I doubt he would have acted the way he did.
    Folks in command say its a necessary evil, but I doubt they could successfully argue that testosterone-filled young bullies are more successful at investigating crime than a Community Policing oriented department. The problem comes at the hiring board. With the pay rate as such in most departments, you’re not going to be seeing too many college grads applying. So you’re left to choose from the majority of applicants who are there to bust ass rather than make the world safer. The other alternative is to run short shifts on the road waiting for the right person to apply. Catch-22.

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