6 – Eminent Domain

Warren was disappointed by the Supreme Court’s infamous Kelo decision. The proper use of eminent domain is when government takes private property for public purposes, such as a road. Even this should be done rarely, out of respect for property rights. But the Kelo decision and projects like Atlantic Yards grossly abuse eminent domain to benefit private developments.

While other states have acted to curb eminent domain abuse, New York’s legislature and governors have done nothing. New York taxpayers fund the violation of property rights in such cases as Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn and West Harlem in Manhattan, for the benefit of developers.

Warren will defend everyone’s home, business or house of worship from eminent domain abuse. Not only does he favor amending our state’s laws, but he calls for abolishing the involved state agencies, including the Empire State Development Corporation and others involved in corporate welfare (aka economic development).

On August 18, 2009, as a member of the Guilderland Town Board, Warren stopped (at least temporarily) a seriously flawed eminent domain grab