Andrew Cuomo

Long considered the front-runner in the 2010 election, Andrew Cuomo hasn’t told people much about what he would do to make New York better.

In particular Cuomo claims he will “reform” government in New York to control spending. No matter how many words or pages his campaign puts out, he fails to give real specifics.

If we are going to cut spending (and not merely control it) that means some government employees will lose pay, benefits, or even jobs. Any candidate who makes such promises should have the decency to tell people ahead of time who will get hurt. Cuomo has yet to identify a single job he would eliminate, a single benefit or salary he would reduce.

By contrast, Warren Redlich has set forth his plan in detail. Government employee pay would be capped at $100,000 a year. Pensions would be capped at $75K. Several state agencies would be eliminated. Read more on our Issues page.

The other major problem with Andrew Cuomo? He has taken over $51 million in special contributions in his political career. In the 2010 campaign for Governor he has received nearly one thousand separate contributions of $10,000 or more. The most disturbing is a $55,000 contribution from a parking lot. Watch this video:

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