Carl Paladino

Carl Paladino has become quite famous for his personal life and some outrageous public statements. While these do bring his competence into question, we’re focused more on substance.

With government spending out of control, many voters agree with Warren that it’s time to stop wasting money on so-called “economic development” spending. This is really corporate welfare or as some call it, crony capitalism. Carl Paladino does not agree. He has built his business on economic development benefits, including Empire Zone, tax breaks, and more.

While Andrew Cuomo is bought and paid for by special interests, Carl Paladino cuts out the middle man. He is his own special interest. He has contributed nearly $500,000 to politicians in order to get those economic development benefits, making him the crony in crony capitalism.

Paladino’s conservative leanings are also questionable. As the 2008 presidential primaries were brewing, conservatives put their time and money behind various candidates. Warren supported Ron Paul. Others backed Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Fred Thompson, or Rudy Giuliani, among others.

Who did Carl Paladino put his money on? Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And when Obamacare was brewing in Congress, Carl Paladino gave $1000 to the ultra-liberal Chuck Schumer, five days after Schumer announced his support for “public option.”

Watch this video for more about Carl Paladino’s contributions to the left:

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