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Warren on vacation with his wife

Warren Redlich is still interested in the Stop Wasting Money theme in politics, but is currently focused on real estate in Boca Raton Florida and a variety of other things in his life.

One of Warren’s big current projects is West Boca News, the leading media outlet for West Boca Raton.

Life is good in West Boca.


Apparently a growing celebrity in the world, this young man (video below) talks about how his generation is not “post-ideological”.

Strangely absent from his speech is the content of his ideology. As best I can tell, they are upset about Britain’s proposed cuts to subsidized education. While education is not the first place I’d cut, fighting for your share of the pie is not terribly thoughtful or ideological. I’d be more impressed if he’d explain where the cuts should fall, or if no cuts, where the money should come from. If only young people would protest all the borrowing our government does that will be paid for out of their own pockets later.

For Governor

Yes, it’s true. Yesterday I announced that I’m in for a big race. Read more at Warren Redlich for Governor.


Friends in the Republican and Libertarian parties have asked me to run for Governor. I’m thinking about it, and would love to hear comments, both for and against.

Please see the Facebook group: Warren Redlich for Governor

A couple of the agitators are:
Eric Sundwall
Jim Ostrowski

I’m honored to be considered, and look forward to hearing from others. I do have some ideas about how our state government can … you might guess the campaign theme … Stop Wasting Money.

We can make substantial spending cuts in areas that do little for our state. By doing so we can protect the jobs that matter and reduce taxes for the rest of us.

December 16th Tea Party for Rand Paul

For all who want our governments to stop wasting our money, and all who are supportive of the Tea Party movements, the candidate to watch is Rand Paul.

There is a big money bomb event for the younger Dr. Paul – Rand’s Tea Party, set for December 16th. Please help the cause.

Rand Paul is the candidate to watch in 2010. The leadership of the GOP has fallen into the same fiscal irresponsibility that used to be a hallmark of the Democrats. Together, the heads of both parties are taking us in a downward spiral, making me remember fondly the Bill Clinton years.

If Rand Paul wins in 2010, it sends a strong message to the establishment that the natives are not merely restless. It will show we can also elect candidates who share our views.

Go Rand!

Federal Health Care?

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail that included this picture. There was an explanation in the message, but the picture says more.

For my thoughts about federal health care, see my posts on this blog labeled Universal Health Care.

The New Money Bomb?

Trevor Lyman has a new website, and it looks interesting. If you’re a fan of Stop Wasting Money, Ron Paul, or the tea party movement, this site is worth checking out:

Tea Bombs

Guilderland Election Results

The Guilderland election results for 2009 are in. Short story: For the next two years at least, Guilderland belongs to Ken Runion.

Details and some thoughts below:

For Supervisor:
Kenneth D Runion Jr 4,647
Peter A Golden 3,629

For the math-challenged, Runion won by over 1000 votes. That’s a big win.

For Town Board:

Paul C Pastore 4,665
Patricia J Slavick 4,605
Matthew D Nelligan 3,571
David B Fraterrigo 3,165

Back in 2007, these were the vote totals for Town Board (the only contested race):

Mark E Grimm 4,187
Warren Redlich 3,961
David A Bosworth Jr 3,730
Michael F Ricard 3,723

The most obvious detail is that the Dems won in 2009 by a far larger margin than we did in 2007. Another note is that turnout seems slightly higher this year, and that’s before absentee ballots are counted. The 2007 numbers probably include them.

Of course I’m disappointed. I’m also surprised. Our candidates worked hard. They spent a lot of money too – maybe three times as much as we spent. It seemed that Runion was particularly weak – with incidents like the Ghost of Altamont bringing him lower. His policy decision to raise his own pay while cutting paramedics seemed odd in an election year.

Political types can quibble about what the result means, or about what our team did wrong. That might be a worthwhile discussion if it was a close race. But it wasn’t. To me, Guilderland voters sent a clear message. They want Ken Runion to run Guilderland. I will be quieter for the next two years.

Bullying … and yes … Warren Redlich

Okay, this one isn’t really about me. But I’m in it.

Fox 23 News did a “focus” on bullying. Good story on a common problem faced by kids, how it’s changed over the last several years, and some things you can do about it. If you don’t see a video above, here’s a link to it on their site:
Fox 23 News: Bullying

Of course bullying is much more complex than what can be covered in a 3-minute news bit. It’s not just about your kid being bullied. We as parents also need to deal with the possibility that our child might be the bully.

A good resource is:

AACAP on Bullying

Also, on girls and aggression, I read a great book recently:
Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls

and I’m reading:
Queen Bees and Wannabes

Well, actually I’m reading the 2002 edition and the above is the brand new 2009 edition. But I’m sure both are good.

The Infamous Warren Redlich

I’m really getting famous … well in Guilderland anyway, and maybe infamous rather than famous. Below are sections of a mailer that was sent to many voters in Guilderland:

What’s most interesting about this is the political strategy. I’m not a candidate this year. I’m on the board, but I’m not up for re-election until 2011.

This negative mailer mentions my name three times, but doesn’t mention the names of any of our candidates. A similar mailer mentions my name four times and only mentions one of our candidates’ names once.

Breaking down the strategy, at first it appears they’re trying to avoid building name recognition for our candidates. This is a common approach, especially for well-known incumbents facing relatively unknown challengers. If the voters don’t know who your opponent is, then attacking your opponent helps voters recognize the name.

The part about attacking me is, for me of course, fascinating. It would appear that the incumbents think my name is mud. It’s hard to say whether this is accurate. I tend to think most people don’t even know who I am. People don’t come up to talk to me in the supermarket, nor do they sneer at me in disgust. They don’t seem to notice me at all.

So did they do a poll which showed I have high negatives? It’s possible, but I suspect not. Usually when a poll is done in town, word gets around that people got a poll call. The odds are that someone who knows me, my wife or my mother would have gotten one of these calls and would have told us. That’s what happens when you’ve been part of a community for 36 years.

More likely, the people making the decisions think I have high negatives. Maybe they’re right. It’s still not clear that voters will transfer those negative feelings to our candidates, but we’ll see.

On some of the points in their mailer:

1. “Chaos, rudeness, negativity and a circus-like atmosphere at Town meetings”

While we have had a couple of over-the-top meetings, most have been calm – perhaps even boring to watch. The number of unanimous votes is somewhere over 80%.

The circus moments are entirely attributable to Ken Runion. He’s stormed out of two meetings. I’ve stayed to the end of every meeting. He’s orchestrated incidents, such as the DWI meeting (I’m a DWI lawyer) where several people attacked my proposals to reduce court congestion. More on that below.

Negativity? Yes. I have been negative. When Runion wants to give inappropriate tax breaks to large corporations, politically connected insiders, and felons, I’m going to be negative about that. I’m not kidding about the felon thing. The gas station at 1611 Western Avenue was purchased for $350K in 2004, but assessed for $185K in 2005. The owner is currently doing 7 years in federal prison for money laundering. See article in The Business Review.

When Ken Runion hides critical information like a massive sales tax shortfall, or a looming pension crisis in Guilderland, I’m going to be negative. When he raises his own pay while cutting paramedics, I’m going to be negative about that too.

2. … direct police not to arrest certain driving while intoxicated offenders

That is grossly inaccurate. The proposals I made had nothing to do with arrests – they concerned decisions made by our police after the arrest. I did a blog post explaining this at the time: DWI DWAI Aggravated DWI and Plea Bargaining.

Then there’s this bit:

I didn’t know I was going to get control of Town Hall. Sounds great! Runion does have control of Town Hall because everything he does is backed by two reliable yes votes. They have voted unanimously on just about everything for about 6 years.

But reality creeps in. I will be, as I am now, one of five board members. And unlike the Supervisor, I will not be there full-time. The candidates on my team are strong-willed. No one is going to control them. The biggest problem will not be one person controlling things, but resolving disputes among ourselves.

Then there’s this one:

It definitely will be a message. If the voters support Runion, I will respect their wishes. But here’s the bigger question – if the voters reject Runion, will the Democrats accept the result?

In 2007 the Democrats rejected the voters’ message. The following appeared in the Altamont Enterprise, 11/8/2007:

The town’s highest vote-getter with 5,401 votes was incumbent Democratic Town Clerk Rosemary Centi. She cried as she made her acceptance speech, saying, “That’s what you get when you’re a master of communication,” a reference to Grimm, who runs a communications consulting business. “A little bit of truth, wrapped around a lie.”

“This was a campaign of one lie after another,” Connolly angrily said of the town board race.

Caputo said that the race was “an injustice to the rest of us and to the town of Guilderland.”

“It’s easily lost in one night all of the things that have happened. You have to put it in perspective,” Bosworth told Democratic onlookers. “This was not a mandate for change like some have suggested. We’ve had three months of negativity.”

Compare that to how the Republicans responded to their loss in the 11/10/05 Enterprise:
Wednesday, Donegan sent a letter to the Enterprise editor congratulating Slavick and Pastore and thanking everyone who worked on his campaign.

Glenning, a vice president for the Bank of America, told The Enterprise Wednesday that he congratulates the winners. He did not go to Dorato’s Tuesday night with other Republicans, but watched the results on television at home with his wife and daughter, he said.

“The greatest thing in an election is the public gets to be heard,” Glenning said Wednesday. “We ran a good campaign, everybody did.”

Makes you think a little more about where the rudeness and negativity comes from.