Is Gillibrand chicken?

Here’s a line from Gillibrand’s website:
“I am not afraid to put out policy ideas and will discuss them in open forums throughout the district during this campaign and hopefully well beyond.”

I’m not sure what she means by an open forum. I offered to debate her (and I believe Eric Sundwall has extended the same offer). I’ll debate her anytime, anywhere, on any topic. She can choose the time, place, manner and topic or topics. I’m happy to have Sweeney, McNulty and Sundwall invited as well. If she wants the debate in her district, that’s fine with me. If she really wants to discuss policy ideas, then all she has to do is let me know when and where — she can even surprise me with the topic. Still no response after 3 weeks. Maybe a debate isn’t an open forum … but she did challenge Sweeney to a debate. Hmm.

I wonder why Gillibrand is dodging this. If she debates me and Sweeney doesn’t show, she gets good press coverage and Sweeney looks like a dope or a coward (not sure he’d look different if he showed). Except of course, maybe she’s not really ready to debate. She seems good at politics, but policy may not be her bag. She knows Sweeney can’t debate his way out of a frat party, so she can challenge him and not worry about it. I don’t think that’s really it. She probably would do okay in a debate (as long as she stays away from her idiotic position on CAFE standards).

The other problem is that if she agrees to debate me, I get good press coverage and that helps me against McNulty. She doesn’t want to step on his toes. Of course, everyone tells me he’s invincible so why would it bother him? Answer: Because he’s not really invincible if his challenger gets press coverage.

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