McNulty – Wasting Money on Pork – The Flake Amendments

Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona recently tried to do something to slow the porkfest in Washington. He put forward 19 amendments, each of which would remove certain earmarks — pork barrel spending usually targeted to an individual congressman’s district. Flake’s effort is being watched by many, including the Club for Growth (

While Flake didn’t make much progress on slowing the pork, he did force all member of the House to vote on the record. The incumbent in our district (NY-21), Mike McNulty, voted against all the amendments — in favor of every single pork item. None of the items were for pork in our district. Nice to see he’s bringing home the bacon for others.

Keep in mind that McNulty has consistently rated among the biggest taxers and spenders in Washington. Not too long ago he was ranked the second-worst member of the House by the National Taxpayers Union. Even if you think those rankings are partisan (they are), he was still worse than all Democrats but one.

Second worst! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — you don’t want me batting for the Yankees and you don’t want Mike McNulty batting for you in Washington.

As a side note in the Sweeney-Gillibrand chronicles, one of the 19 votes concerned an earmark in Sweeney’s district. He voted against all of the amendments too. How can either of these guys be called a conservative??

I support Congressman Flake and would vote to eliminate all earmarks. While we’re at it we should eliminate their parallel in the NY legislature — member items.

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