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I was looking over the website for the Democratic challenger in the 20th district. She’s running against Congressman John Sweeney. A couple weeks ago on her site, she issued a challenge to Sweeney to a debate on Iraq.

As far as I know, he has not responded to that challenge. It’s typical for incumbents to ignore challengers. I studied congressional elections in grad school, and it is standard political strategy to ignore the challenger and never mention her name. The incumbent in my race has done that pretty well so far about me.

Since we’re both challengers in the same media market, and we both face the same hurdles, I’ll throw down. I would be happy to debate Ms. Gillibrand in as many debates as she likes, on whatever topics she chooses. And if the incumbents in our races would like to join us, I would welcome their participation.

Following her method, I’ll send her a letter. The text of my letter is below:

July 9, 2006
Gillibrand for Congress
PO Box 1279
Hudson, NY 12534

By Fax: 518-751-2555

Re: Debates

Dear Ms. Gillibrand:

I had the pleasure today of reading your June 22nd debate challenge to Congressman Sweeney about the War in Iraq. As far as I can tell, he has not responded.

I appreciate your desire for a real debate on substantive issues, and would be happy to debate you. This offer is open-ended. I will debate you as many times as you like, on whatever issues you choose.

While we are running in different districts, we share two counties and the vast majority of our voters are in the same media market. It might be a bit unusual for us to debate, but that shouldn’t stop us. I would also welcome the incumbents if they want to join us, and assume you feel the same.

I look forward to hearing your response and joining you soon for one or more debates on the topic(s) of your choosing.

Very truly yours,

Warren Redlich

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