McNulty’s excuse

Listening to McNulty on Alan Chartock’s show on WAMC from September at the moment. I’ve called on him to apologize for voting for the Iraq war. He refuses to apologize, saying that he cast the right vote given the information that was provided by the administration.

This is a dodge. Roughly 73 members of the House voted against the war. McNulty’s excuse essentially says that those 73 were wrong, and that they should have voted for the war based on the information they had at the time.

I would have voted against the war with that information. McNulty makes no apology for voting for it, which means he’d do it again in similar circumstances. If you oppose the war in Iraq, and want to make sure we don’t get caught up in more foolish wars like this, your choice is clear.

1 comment to McNulty’s excuse

  • McNulty is such a dim conservative candle. All progressives *should* be willing to campaign against him.

    The fact that he’s still in office is a testiment to the unwillingness of progressives to go against the so-called liberal Democratic party. There McNulty is, with no appologies and no regrets for supporting the war, even at this late date. If he were a Republican incumbent he’d be dead meat.

    Bravo, Warren!