An idiot reaction to the Virginia Tech shooting

From our local cable news channel:;=209949

Apparently some idiot members of the New York State Senate have come out with a brilliant plan to address security concerns after the Virginia Tech shootings. And I quote:

“Some of the improvements Democrats are pitching include public address systems for classrooms and dorms, alert systems with panic buttons on campus, emergency phones in every dorm room and lecture hall, and locking down dorms if a situation happened.”

The emphasis is mine. Someone please explain to me why we would need emergency phones now, in a society where everyone has a cell phone.

The Daily News has it a bit different:

“Panic buttons and public address systems would have to be installed in all college classrooms and dorms in New York under a proposal yesterday by a pair of state senators from Brooklyn. … Adams and fellow Democratic state Sen. Toby Ann Stavisky are seeking sitdowns with top administrators … to discuss ways to beef up security after the Virginia Tech massacre.”

Well, in that one at least the emergency phones didn’t make that article. Hmm … panic buttons. Again, doesn’t everyone have a cell phone already? I can see it now:

“Oh, darn it, I can’t remember the emergency number … what is it again … 9 … 1 … um …”

And in case you’re thinking that panic buttons will give the location, all our cell phones are supposed to have this feature soon, and many phones already do.

I’d blame this on Democrats being too quick to spend our money, but we know what the Republicans did with our money so this is really a non-partisan boondoggle.

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