Global Warming Hysteria and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Reading my wife’s Glamour tonight … Yes, I read my wife’s Glamour, but I do not use it like George Costanza.

Anyway, this is the April issue, and there’s an interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a somewhat big cheese in the environmental movement for some time now. He’s asked about global warming and throws out some pretty amazing whoppers. I’ll go through them:

1. “I see no legitimate [global warming] skeptics left in the scientific community.”
– Wikipedia has quite a long list of scientists who oppose the “consensus”, and who might not realize that they’re illegitimate.

2. “In less than 15 years, the snows of Mount Kilimanjaro will be gone.”
– I’m not sure why it’s so important to preserve the snows of Kilimanjaro. Is there some endangered species that depends on these snows for its survival? Must be something cute I guess. Anyway, in a brief search I did find one source that criticizes claims about Kilimanjaro and global warming. But what do you expect from Cato libertarians, anyway? Oops, I found another one — a blog mentioning that global warming is not yet killing the Kilimanjaro glacier. Oh, but that relied on Austrian researchers, and we know they’re in league with the Nazis, right? The blog post references a BBC article that even mentions a slight increase in the ice volume on Kilimanjaro over the past year.

3. “If the Greenland Ice Sheet breaks, much of Florida’s coasts will disappear and New York City will be underwater.”
– Took me a long time to stop laughing when I read that one – for several reasons. Hmm … New York City underwater … isn’t that a benefit? Oops, sentiments of an upstater. But seriously, go to Google and do a search for – nyc elevation. Google says 33 feet (relying on Wikipedia). I checked out the IPCC report for 2007 – this is the Bible of the so-called consensus. Predicts sea level rise of somewhere between 7 inches and 23 inches. The larger number is just short of 2 feet. Well, I’m sure Google/Wikipedia is just off by more than 30 feet. Either that or Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is full of hysterical bullhonkies (hey, did I just create a new word? – Nope – I Googled it and found 109 results).

4. “[Future generations] can expect an altered world. Since so much land across the planet will be underwater, there will be massive problems with environmental refugees, which will ultimately destabilize political systems and create more opportunities for violence.”
– Well for starters, something like 70% of the planet is already underwater. And if New York City won’t be underwater … and since Miami is at 6 feet, it won’t be underwater … and San Francisco is at 52 feet … Mumbai at 10 metres (33 feet) and so on.

Aha! I found one. According to Wikipedia, the El Nouzha Airport in Alexandria, Egypt is currently 6 feet below sea level. Wait a minute … so I guess that one’s already underwater then, right? Strangely, Olympic Airlines (from Greece) appears to have flights to Alexandria on its website. I’m checking online to see if I can find a flight to El Nouzha (airport code is ALY). And it turns out EgyptAir flies into El Nouzha using a Boeing 737-500. I didn’t know Boeing made those as seaplanes.

But wait, I’m not done with RFK Jr.’s hysteria. Massive problems with environmental refugees, which will ultimately destabilize political systems and create more opportunities for violence. Wow! That’s pretty big stuff right there. But then again, there are plenty of refugees around the world already. And the southern US is flooded with refugees from the cold environment of the northern US. Have you ever noticed how many New York delis and bagel shops there are in Florida? I hear even Canadians sneak in down there.

Destabilize political systems — I thought much of the world already had destabilized political systems. More opportunities for violence too. Well, at least he’s not blaming guns this time.

The game plan of the global warming nuts is to grossly exaggerate the dangers. Scream so hysterically that anyone who hears will be frightened. Oh yeah, and you also have to offer no credible solutions.

By the way, if you review my past political history, you will notice that I am a strong believer in conservation, and particularly a big advocate for mass transit – which would help conservation and reduce use of fossil fuels AND reduce drunk driving deaths to boot.

I just don’t think we need hysterical silly reasons for such an approach. And unlike half the global warming idiots, I actually drive a fuel-efficient car – a 4-cylinder with a stick shift. One friend of mine was ranting about global warming. He drives a big car with a V8 and his wife drives a large SUV. I razzed him about it, but they’re good people so I backed off.

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