Ron Paul and the Times Union’s media bias

**Update: See my most recent article about Ron Paul Media Bias in the Times Union**
Just another quick note about Ron Paul and media bias. I did a quick search on the Times Union website. 47 stories mention Sam Brownback, including several recent ones. 8 stories mention Ron Paul, the latest in February, before he announced. Brownback has slightly more cash on hand than Paul, and he’s running about even with him in the polls – see Wikipedia on the 2008 Republican presidential polls. Paul also has 3 times as many MySpace friends as Brownback. And we all know how important your MySpace friends total is. :-) Paul also is doing well on and its listings about the 2008 elections.. Last and perhaps not least, Paul has a channel. Brownback doesn’t even have one. Mike Huckabee is also getting more coverage than Paul, despite having less cash on hand and trailing in a variety of the above ways.

What does the Times Union have against Ron Paul? Or is it not just the Times Union? Checking out Google News, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal, it does seem to be a consensus media effort to not talk about Ron Paul. Shame.

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  • Anonymous

    I have noticed this too, the LA Times, NY times, San Diego news, CNN, KTLA, etc have censored Ron Paul’s relative victory in NV, or have written a tiny story at most.
    Nothing to do with these copious stories, photos, footages from all top 5 candidates in Iowa and NH.
    These kind of practices remind Mussolini’s old regime.