Traffic Court – Corzine & Hilton

Traffic Court has vaulted, ever so briefly, into the public consciousness. Paris Hilton’s experience lets everyone know how serious the consequences can be for a DUI offense, while Governor Jon Corzine has exposed the general hypocrisy of our traffic laws.

Personally, I find Hilton’s story to be pure comedy. First, her BAC was only 0.08. Why didn’t her attorneys fight this charge? It’s not like she can’t afford a competent DWI attorney. Instead she pleads no contest?

Second, how many times does she have to be pulled over while suspended before she faces consequences? From what I read (and I am relying on the press – specifically the LA Times), she was pulled over three different times after having been suspended. Depending on the circumstances, that can be a felony in New York (Aggravated Unlicensed Operation). She claims she didn’t know that she was suspended. How many times do you have to be pulled over before you figure that one out?

Her mom, lawyer, and others think she’s getting a raw deal because she’s a celebrity. From what I’ve seen in the real world, she’s been getting off easy compared to the regular people we see in traffic court every day.

Corzine’s incident shows, again, the hypocrisy of our traffic laws. Some may remember that NY Governor Pataki was injured in an accident sometime ago, riding as a passenger in a State Police SUV when it hit a box truck. Unlike Corzine, Pataki managed to avoid any coverage of whether he was wearing his seatbelt. Also, the Trooper’s speed was not reported that I remember. I know where it happened and I’d bet the Trooper was speeding (a common spot for speeders, including me).

So here’s Corzine, paying a $46 fine to a New Jersey Traffic Court for not wearing his seatbelt. How about repealing the stupid law? And the Trooper was apparently going 91 mph. Is the Governor going to pardon all the speeders in the state who go less than 90? Not likely. They’ll keep up the facade that this traffic enforcement means something.

I’m still waiting for all the hypocrite politicians who’ve admitted past drug use to do their jail time. Gore should do at least 30 days for his inhaling. Clinton should get 60 days for lying about it, but then, if lying were a crime he’d never get out of jail. Maybe he can visit Paris. :-) As for Bush, he never admitted his drug offenses, but I’d bet he’d go for a year or more in Club Fed if the truth ever came out.

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