Guilderland NY campaign update

Just a quick update on the town board campaign in Guilderland NY. We are waiting for a decision from the judge on the Mike Ricard lawsuit to knock me off the ballot. We should have an answer soon.

I went to a meeting tonight about the campaign. There’s plenty of good energy on our team, and we have some great candidates. There are some changes in the party, but I’ll leave that for someone to explain in a press release.

I’ve gotten a good sense that the effort to knock me off the ballot has upset quite a few voters. The tax assessment issue is also something that affects and interests many. We’ll keep working on it and see how it plays out.

Ron Paul: Stunning Victories

Chalk a surprising victory up to Ron Paul in the early days of the presidential race. There was a low-profile straw poll in Alabama, and he won in a landslide. You can read about it in the Tuscaloosa News.

I’m sure critics will laugh this one off, and so far the mainstream media is ignoring it. But a read of the news and blogs before the event showed that representatives from the so-called “leading” candidates were supposed to be there, including for Romney, Giuliani, and Fred Thompson. I also saw a post that Duncan Hunter was going to make a big push at this event. I get Ron Paul e-mails all the time and I didn’t catch any wind of an effort by the central campaign. Must have been his local supporters who got out and made it happen.

So far the Ron Paul critics have said that his support is only from internet manipulators, and that he can’t mobilize votes on the ground. Combine this with two other straw polls he won recently (in NH and NC) and a third place finish in a larger straw poll in Illinois (with 19%, well behind Romney and a point behind Thompson), and the internet criticism is going to fade.

It’s amazing how successful this Ron Paul guy is at manipulating both the internet and the grass roots. Or maybe it’s not manipulation after all.

Ron Paul in Albany – What you can do

My Ron Paul interest led me to the following, and I encourage others interested in Ron Paul to join:

Help! I’ve been sued and I can’t get up!

Well, I was getting ready to prepare some kind of detailed announcement that I’m running for Guilderland Town Board, and a whole bunch of things have happened before I can do that.

For now I am running with Mark Grimm, and you can read more about our campaign at Guilderland NY. My specific candidate page is at: Warren Redlich for Guilderland Town Board.

Here’s what happened. Another candidate was supposed to run with Mark Grimm. That candidate declined. The Albany GOP substituted me as the candidate, and I filed the paperwork on July 26th. On July 30th, current Guilderland town board member Michael Ricard filed an “Objection” to the document I filed. I submitted a letter on August 1 (today) stating why his objection was wrong.

If I understand the further details, the Board of Elections denied his objection (probably by a 1-1 vote – majority required to sustain it), and he has now sued me (and others) in Albany County Supreme Court (Index # 6002-07).

So now we’ll see what happens with all of that. In the meantime, I will continue to campaign. What’s funny is I always like to say I’m not running against someone, I’m running for something (in this case, fair tax assessments).

But since Mike Ricard is trying to knock me off the ballot and is suing me, I am finally happy to say I’m running against someone. I’m running against Mike Ricard, because Mike Ricard does not want voters to have a choice. While I’m at it, Mike Ricard has an unreasonably favorable tax assessment on his house. More on that later.