Best Ron Paul Video

This might be the best Ron Paul video I’ve seen yet. It’s a little long, but it really hits the nail on the massive media bias against Ron Paul. I’ve seen so many of the mainstream media talking heads say that Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance, that he’s a fringe candidate, a second-tier candidate. Twice recently I’ve seen them tell him to his face he can’t win.


Can you imagine if a news anchor said that to Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani? Hillary has been elected to office once or twice in her life. Rudy maybe a few times. Ron Paul has been elected ten times. He has a better understanding of all the issues than anyone, and he’s the only candidate out there who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks. The rest of them are all lying to please the public. Ron Paul tells you the truth whether you like it or not. I don’t agree with him on everything, but at least I know where he stands.

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