Huckabee and his Christmas disgrace

This may be a new low in politics. Mike Huckabee has a new TV commercial where he talks about “what really matters: the celebration of the birth of Christ.”


Nice to see a presidential candidate show disrespect for all the non-Christians in the country. He’s blatantly pandering to people who identify themselves heavily as Christians. I thought it was bad enough when candidates wrap themselves in the flag. Now Huckabee is disgracing Christmas and the cross (in the background).

I admit that my candidate Ron Paul wraps himself in the Constitution. But this is a rather different symbol, and doesn’t pander to any particular group. It also has a significant meaning and fits with his policy views. Does Huckabee’s Christian pandering mean something about his policy views? Will he govern as a Christian first, or as an American first?

5 comments to Huckabee and his Christmas disgrace

  • Anonymous

    That is so scary. Do you think he actually pays someone to manage his campaign? Hard to believe more than one person could have thought that ad was a good idea.

  • Anonymous

    That’s not a cross in the background, it’s a window.

  • Right. It’s not a cross. Just a heck of a coincidence that it looks so much like a cross. :-)

    And yes, I do think the decision to do this was carefully thought out by his campaign staff. They are pandering to a substantial group who will not be offended by it, and they don’t care, at this point, about offending the rest of us.

  • Huckabee has said before that he got into politics to help spread the word of Jesus. I think that in and of itself should tell you how he’ll govern…

    Huckabee’s a nice guy…but we’re not voting on theologian in cheif or for the nicest guy. We’re voting for commander in cheif and the person who will actually get things done.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not like he was preaching…. he was just mentioning Christ in passing. Americans want to know that a candidate shares their values. I wouldn’t vote for you because I disagree with your economic policies. Mike McNulty is an advocate of protectionism and social programs. However, if I did agree with your economic policies and found out that you did not have the moral values that go back to the founding of this country, I would not vote for you. McNulty is a devout Catholic and that simply resonates with Albany-Schenectady-Troy voters such as myself. I don’t devalue other religions, and I would certainly vote for a devout Protestant or a devout Muslim or a devout Jew. But an Atheist? No. A candidate should mention something about his/her faith.

    - Nick Cassaro