If the mainstream media treated other candidates like Ron Paul

After seeing how the mainstream media treats Ron Paul, I got motivated. Here’s some questions that they’d ask the “first-tier” candidates if they treated them like they treat Ron Paul:

[To Rudy Giuliani]
Q: Mayor Giuliani, after spending over $1 million of taxpayer money on “security” so you could visit your mistress in the Hamptons, how can you possibly call yourself a fiscal conservative?

[To Hillary Clinton]
Q: Opinion polls consistently show that half the country hates you. How can you possibly win? And how could you possibly govern the country?

[To Mitt Romney]
Q: You’ve changed your positions on so many issues. How can voters believe anything you say?

[To Barack Obama]
Q: You’re so young. You haven’t done much in life yet. And you keep saying dumb things in the campaign. You’re not really ready to be President, are you?

[To Mike Huckabee]
Q: You can’t win this race. Why are you wasting everyone’s time?

[To John Edwards]
Q: Look, we all appreciate that you’ve made a good effort, but face it, you’re not winning this thing. Why don’t you just give up and go home?

[To John McCain]
Q: You can’t even manage your own campaign team. How can you possibly manage the country?

3 comments to If the mainstream media treated other candidates like Ron Paul

  • marvel

    So true, so true, so true! Great piece. And the beauty of the whole thing is that our Good Dr. takes it all in stride and says: (paraphrasing)The media companies are privately owned and have the right to be biased. The man is a saint and walks the talk! The solution to this problem, I think, is the waking up of American citizens that this is the case. The MSM is privately owned and is no longer a reliable source of information. I now get all my news from the internet so that I can compare and contrast reports of xyz.

    Marvin Lavertue
    Gilsum, NH

  • Excellent Post maybe we the people will start to ask these candidates these exact questionsand then some I think that is called Blowback!

  • Grace Graphics

    Great questions! I have a few more!

    Q. I guess you did the “Christian” thing by pardoning more than 630 criminals, but you appear to be “stealing” the taxpayers money by using funds for family dinners, clothes for your wife, and even tried to bring $70,000 worth of furniture with you when you moved that was donated to the Governor’s residence. How do you reconcile the differences in your “Christian values” with how you actually act?

    Q. I’m a Mormon, too, and clearly understand what our core values are. How would you justify your pro-choice, pro-homosexual, and anti-Constitutional opinions in a private meeting with the President of the Church?

    Q. Since your firm profited from the early planning stages of the NAFTA superhighway, do you also believe that the whole concept is a “conspiracy”?

    Q. You claim to have 8 years of experience in the White House by being a sort of “co-President” with Bill. If this is true, then you have already served in the Presidential role, and are not entitled to an additional term. If this is NOT true, then you don’t have the experience. So are you running for a third term, or just riding along on your husband’s coat-tails?

    Q. When your friends convinced you to run for President, they all joined you in your campaign. Since then, they have left and you have had a revolving-door of staffers who join and quickly leave. Allegedly this is because of micromanagement by your wife, her “my way or the highway” attitude. Is your wife going to control your Presidency the same way she controls your campaign?

    Q. People in your hometown who have known you for years did not support you in the last election. What exactly do they know that the rest of us should be aware of?

    Q. We respect you for having endured the Vietnamese POW camps. The only interest you seem to have is waging war. Do you have plans for doing ANYTHING else that relates to issues on our soil, except maybe increasing our income tax to fund Iraq?

    Q. You voted for the establishment of the Senate Office of Public Integrity in 3/06. How do you plan to turn this into ACTION? Does this mean that you would prosecute all of those Senators who wrote bad checks? Or perhaps remand public officials when they deliberately lie to the people, like the recent lie by the top DOT official stating that the NAFTA superhighway was a myth?