Nick Cassaro and Negative Politics

I’ve had a couple comments on this blog recently by someone named Nick Cassaro (or so the commenter identifies himself). The comments are a good example of a problem in politics.

On my most recent post about running for Congress, Cassaro writes:

Again?!! You want to lose three times in a row? Why do that to yourself and to your family?

I have nothing against the Republican party and wouldn’t rule out voting Republican (and have voted Republican) but you just aren’t right for the Capital Region.

On another recent post about Mike Huckabee, Cassaro writes:
… if I did agree with your economic policies and found out that you did not have the moral values that go back to the founding of this country, I would not vote for you. McNulty is a devout Catholic and that simply resonates with … voters such as myself. I don’t devalue other religions, and I would certainly vote for a devout Protestant or a devout Muslim or a devout Jew. But an Atheist? No. A candidate should mention something about his/her faith.

One thing that few appreciate about politics is that being a candidate is not easy for most people. Nick Cassaro is among those who enjoy attacking candidates. This is a tactic that makes running for office unpleasant. It doesn’t bother me, but I know many candidates who find such attacks a rude awakening, and they never want to run for office again. In the end, this leads to a world where incumbents run unopposed. Is this consistent with Nick Cassaro’s moral values?

Not that Cassaro is alone. In our recent Guilderland race we were attacked constantly by town employee Don Csaposs. He’s continuing his attacks on the Times Union’s Local Politics blog under the “sockpuppet” name factsdontlieliarslie. Read more about Csaposs and his attacks in this article by Casey Seiler.

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  • Anonymous

    I have to confess, Mr. Redlich, that we agree on something…. Negative politics are no good for anybody. While I don’t apologize for anything, you have opened my eyes to the fact that I’m part of a problem that I personally have complained about.

    -Nick Cassaro