David Mamet: A Conservative? Kinda sorta …

I’ve seen two articles about this in the papers and had to read it.

David Mamet in the Village Voice

Mamet writes a lengthy discourse on politics. Sort of a “how I figured out I’m not really a liberal but a conservative in stead.” Well, that’s how some are interpreting it. I’m not sure he’s really a conservative just yet, but it was a great read. I hope Mamet keeps writing on politics. He’d make a great columnist.

2 comments to David Mamet: A Conservative? Kinda sorta …

  • Any thoughts on Bob Barr getting in as the LP nominee ? Sorta the same idea as Ron Paul . . . . except he’s a former Republican.

  • No thoughts on Bob Barr or the LP. Maybe someday a jillionaire will run as the LP candidate and put up $100 million, and that might make a difference.