Politics Can Be Frustrating

Running for office has its advantages and disadvantages. Mostly it’s the latter. If you win there are some advantages, but winning is difficult for non-incumbents and even when you do win it’s not as rosy as you might think.

One example of the frustration is how you can get attacked. Sometimes it comes from the opposition. Depending on the nature of these attacks, it’s usually not so bad. You see that coming.

But sometimes you get blindsided. You might get sandbagged by someone you thought was a close ally. Usually this is more of a private matter. On the public side, you might get flamed by a wingnut. One friend of mine has been accused of all sorts of things by a guy who seems mentally unbalanced to me. When you see everything he does together, you know he’s nuts. But someone might read one thing he says somewhere and not know the full story.

I’ll say this: Politics is hard enough. If you’ve got a problem with a candidate, then it’s okay not to support that candidate. It’s also okay to criticize your opponent, as long as you stay within reasonable bounds. To quote a good friend, “it’s what they do, not who they are.” Translating … criticize them for their actions, but don’t call them names.

But if your problem is with a candidate and you don’t have a horse in the race, then stay out of that one. Find a candidate you like and support that candidate. We need more positive in politics and less negative. Or heck, run as a candidate yourself. Run once and you’ll understand how hard it is, and you might not be so quick to go after someone else.

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