Best Miley Cyrus Quote

With all the hubbub about the “racy” Miley Cyrus photos, the best quote was from an actor named Johnny Galecki:

I saw all this news coverage and I figure this is a great day. The war must be over.

From the Toronto Globe and Mail.

That hit the nail on the head. I can understand some people being upset about the photos. But I just don’t see why it’s such a big story. Imagine a teenage girl looking sexy. Does anyone remember Brooke Shields in The Blue Lagoon, and Pretty Baby? I don’t remember the latter movie (I was probably too young), but I remember all the criticism about Blue Lagoon. Shields had nude scenes and she was younger than Miley Cyrus is now.

The story also hits on how Puritanism is still so prevalent in America. The greatest love interest in the history of romance is at least arguably Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. Juliet was 13 years old. For some reason females become fertile in their early teens and peak before the age of 18. You would think those who believe in the theory of evolution would see this as the design of the species. And in an interesting alliance with Darwin, shouldn’t religious people (and not just those in cults) believe teenage girls should be sexually active (in marriage of course), as that would appear to be the intent of the intelligent design? Instead both groups appear to be together on the opposite side.

Another take is the notion that men who find teenage girls attractive are perverts. If you look at literature like Shakespeare, and at some historical figures like Sir William Johnson (a prominent pre-revolutionary leader in New York), you get the impression that it used to be normal for men, even much older men, to be interested in teenage girls.

Of course I have to balance this with the fact that I have two daughters. They’re young now, but someday they’ll become teenagers. They’ll probably want to wear bikinis and do other things I won’t like because they’re my daughters. I’m going to need a shotgun or two. :-)

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