Buhrmaster for Congress

Well, the primary’s over. I’m really pleased with Steven Vasquez and his effort. He took Ron Paul’s 7% in this area and turned it into 31%.

But that’s over. It’s time to congratulate the winner, Jim Buhrmaster. He won the primary fair and square. He and his team fought hard, but were always cordial.

On the policy side, Buhrmaster is saying all the right things. The biggest thing I like about him is he talks about how government should spend less, and how Congress wastes money. This the biggest flaw of the GOP – it’s not the taxes. It’s the spending stupid. Jim Buhrmaster gets it. Now we’ve got to put him in Washington where he can do something about it.

Then we’ve got to hold him to it. This is the stop wasting money blog. If you talk about how we’ve got to stop wasting money, I’ll give you credit for that. But you better honor that when you get in.

Go Jim! It’s a whole new ballgame and the odds are so much better than in the past. Buhrmaster has one of the third party lines and his Democrat opponent only has the Working Families line which is few votes. On the issues as a whole, his opponent is pretty far left. Once the mainstream voters figure that out, I think we may well have our first Republican congressman in a long time – Jim Buhrmaster.

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