Immigration: Our Prejudices

In the past few months I’ve heard a few friends and family complain about immigration. There is this overwhelming prejudice in America (and elsewhere) that immigration is a bad thing. I’ve never bought into that.

But instead of me ranting again, I just want to point out a book I read about (and will be reading soon). It’s Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them. The book has had some excellent reviews. It’s a tome – nearly 400 pages.

Today one friend was going on about how immigration costs the US $800 billion a year. I have no idea where he got that number, and suspect he doesn’t know either. It’s baloney. But don’t take my word for it. Read the book. Philippe Legrain explains and probably does it way better than I could.

One other thing – I always challenge people on the fact that our parents or grandparents immigrated. A very common response: “When my parents came it was legal.” That is not an argument for why it should be illegal now. Also, your parents probably didn’t read the US statutes before coming. Today’s immigrants aren’t reading them either.

2 comments to Immigration: Our Prejudices

  • Unrelated question, Mr. Redlich, what is your opinion on Ron Paul’s recent endorsement of Chuck Baldwin?
    -Blogger Formally Known as Matty N

  • I don’t have an opinion on that. I don’t blame RP for not endorsing McCain. Since most would say that neither Barr nor Baldwin has a chance, I don’t see that RP’s endorsement matters a whole lot. I will take a look at Baldwin now to see what he’s about. I have my own concerns about Barr – mainly due to his position on drug prohibition.