Republicans After McCain

Well it looks like even John McCain thinks he’s going to lose. How did we get here? How can Republicans go forward?

One thing that stands out to me is the contrast between Obama and McCain in the debates. Barack Obama exudes confidence. He knows he can fix our problems. Obama is the epitome of the modern socialist. Just give us control of the government, and we will make everything better. He is a charismatic salesman for the further destruction of capitalism in America. This is easy for him because socialists have an appealing message that is based on a set of solid principles. They’re fundamentally flawed, but it’s a story that sells.

Compare John McCain. He’s lost. He keeps trying new answers to the latest news and nothing works. He is the opposite of charisma. If you look back to Nixon vs. Kennedy, you see the same contrast – Obama looks good. McCain looks old. 72? He looks ten years older.

The problem for Republicans is that we’ve lost our way as a party. The Democrats have that consistent socialist message. Our party ditched capitalism a while ago, all the more so once we got into power. Does anyone remember when Republicans stood for small government? That was before the earmark explosion, the bridge to nowhere, Jack Abramoff, and No Child Left Behind. Fiscal conservatives? In Bill Clinton’s last budget (2001) the feds spent about $1.9 trillion. 2009 is Bush’s last budget and we’re going to $3.1 trillion – not counting the bailouts. So Republicans have managed to increase spending by well over 60% in just 8 years.

I hope the GOP can find its way forward in the next few years. We have to get back to our roots. We’re supposed to spend less money, remember? Cutting taxes while increasing spending is phony. Ronald Reagan didn’t deliver on this, but he faked it a lot better than McCain is doing. At least he stayed on message about capitalism. We need our own charismatic leader who can sell the message of capitalism and smaller government, and who sticks to the story after getting elected. Right now it looks like it’s going to be a long eight years.

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  • Even though I would cut my arm off before pulling the lever for a republican in any race, I must admit that I have a great deal of respect for John McCain. He has shown much more class than many of his supporters (present company excluded of course) and even members of his own party. I cringed when I heard that woman say she heard Obama was “an Arab”. At least McCain had the decency to put her in her place, even if it meant incurring the wrath of the drunken hillbillies in attendance. In a way I pity John McCain; if I were him, I wouldn’t want idiots like that to vote for me, even if it meant losing.

  • Anonymous

    I think it is time for the GOP to split. The Neocons and Corporate Fascists can have their party and the Libertarians and small gov’t Republicans can have theirs.

  • Colin Powell articulated the situation quite well on Meet the Press:

    The GOP needs to regroup with a positive message ASAP. In addition, the anonymous commenter hit the nail on the head; the GOP needs to pick a direction rather than trying to appease two (or more) quite different bases.