Philadelphia Traffic Court – Too Many Tickets?

Just read a great column that mentions the Philadelphia Traffic Court. The writer, Stu Bykofsky from the Philadelphia Daily News notes that their police made 357,000 traffic stops in 2008 (and 212,000 pedestrian stops). That’s amazing.

Compare the New York State Police. They wrote just over 1 million tickets in 2007 (per the Legislative Gazette) – that’s for a big chunk of the whole state of New York. Philly has about 1.5 million people. New York State, excluding NYC (where Troopers write few if any tickets), is over 10 million people.

Philadelphia police are making too many traffic stops – maybe that’s why the population is declining.

2 comments to Philadelphia Traffic Court – Too Many Tickets?

  • Perhaps Philadelphians are just really lousy drivers. They do have quite a reputation as boisterous fans at football and hockey games. There is actually a courtroom in the football stadium to handle all the arrests during games. Maybe that attitude carries over to their roads as well :-)

  • Anonymous

    No, Jeff, perhaps it doesn't. I'm a Philidelphian who now lives in Toronto-partially due to how out of control philadelphia legislators and police are in attemtpting to raise funds through mass ticketing and by unresonable raises in taxes, fines, and even parking tickets. I was a driver for the Mayor's Office of Info. Services, and have gone through 3 different driving courses for other driving jobs, and have been driving for about 25 years. I am arguably better than the avergae driver, to say the least, and even I have bumped heads with the police and parking authority over tickets that were issued in error (intentionally). Seeing the smiley face at the end of your statement, I figure you were kidding? I hope so, because comparing driving habit to a small segment of football fans (section 800, to be excat) is pretty stupid. Then again, perhaps you are just a really lousy comedian, eh? :-)