Rick Lazio?

Word is that Rick Lazio is running for Governor. He’s got a campaign website: Lazio.com. Next we’ll have to see if he finds any substance to talk about. And you may also want to keep track of him on the completely unofficial site about him: Rick Lazio.

2 comments to Rick Lazio?

  • Lazio's going to be an interesting candidate. He's already going non-conventional. One of the first major policy statements he brought up – establish a unicameral state legialture.

    Here's the article

  • I agree that a unicameral legislature is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure why this is a gubernatorial issue. What are the odds that Lazio is able to actually accomplish this reform if he's elected?

    Meanwhile, Lazio was working on Wall Street dealing with real estate and the government before, during and after the crash. What was his role? Do the people really want a GOP candidate with that background at this time?