Friends in the Republican and Libertarian parties have asked me to run for Governor. I’m thinking about it, and would love to hear comments, both for and against.

Please see the Facebook group: Warren Redlich for Governor

A couple of the agitators are:
Eric Sundwall
Jim Ostrowski

I’m honored to be considered, and look forward to hearing from others. I do have some ideas about how our state government can … you might guess the campaign theme … Stop Wasting Money.

We can make substantial spending cuts in areas that do little for our state. By doing so we can protect the jobs that matter and reduce taxes for the rest of us.

December 16th Tea Party for Rand Paul

For all who want our governments to stop wasting our money, and all who are supportive of the Tea Party movements, the candidate to watch is Rand Paul.

There is a big money bomb event for the younger Dr. Paul – Rand’s Tea Party, set for December 16th. Please help the cause.

Rand Paul is the candidate to watch in 2010. The leadership of the GOP has fallen into the same fiscal irresponsibility that used to be a hallmark of the Democrats. Together, the heads of both parties are taking us in a downward spiral, making me remember fondly the Bill Clinton years.

If Rand Paul wins in 2010, it sends a strong message to the establishment that the natives are not merely restless. It will show we can also elect candidates who share our views.

Go Rand!

Federal Health Care?

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail that included this picture. There was an explanation in the message, but the picture says more.

For my thoughts about federal health care, see my posts on this blog labeled Universal Health Care.