Friends in the Republican and Libertarian parties have asked me to run for Governor. I’m thinking about it, and would love to hear comments, both for and against.

Please see the Facebook group: Warren Redlich for Governor

A couple of the agitators are:
Eric Sundwall
Jim Ostrowski

I’m honored to be considered, and look forward to hearing from others. I do have some ideas about how our state government can … you might guess the campaign theme … Stop Wasting Money.

We can make substantial spending cuts in areas that do little for our state. By doing so we can protect the jobs that matter and reduce taxes for the rest of us.

7 comments to Governor?

  • Hi Warren

    Great news! And just in time because NY is in deep trouble. One thought, even for state office — don't forget to mention getting out of Iraq/Afghanistan as a way to save money. No one's talking about it now but imo that's going to change.

  • Thanks Enid. I certainly agree with you about Iraq and Afghanistan – I wrote a college paper in 1988 arguing we should bring our troops home from western Europe. But the Governor of New York State has very little if any power in foreign policy decisions.

  • Anonymous

    Please run!!! We need a libertarian in office once and for all and you can make New York a better state. You got a volunteer right here ready to begin working on your campaign.

  • Barbara

    I don't mean this in a rude way, but do you actually WANT the job of governor? As opposed to running to get Libertarians on the ballot, make a statement, whatever? Cost cutting is a commendable goal, but there is so much more to the position. You see what I'm trying to say, don't you?
    I'm all in favor of citizens outside of the political class stepping up and I would support a serious Republican candidate coming from that background.

  • Great question Barbara. Yes, I would want the job. In today's New York State, cost cutting is job #1. There are certainly other aspects to it, but if we don't cut the spending, the state is going to go broke.
    Putting another Republican up who spends like a Democrat will just make things worse.

  • Anonymous

    Run against Tonko.

  • Thanks for the suggestion about Tonko. For personal/family reasons, I've decided not to run for federal office any time in the near future.