Warren Redlich

Warren on vacation with his wife

Warren Redlich is still interested in the Stop Wasting Money theme in politics, but is currently focused on real estate in Boca Raton Florida and a variety of other things in his life.

One of Warren’s big current projects is West Boca News, the leading media outlet for West Boca . . . → Read More: Warren Redlich


Apparently a growing celebrity in the world, this young man (video below) talks about how his generation is not “post-ideological”.

Strangely absent from his speech is the content of his ideology. As best I can tell, they are upset about Britain’s proposed cuts to subsidized education. While education is not the first place I’d cut, fighting for . . . → Read More: Ideology?

For Governor

Yes, it’s true. Yesterday I announced that I’m in for a big race. Read more at Warren Redlich . . . → Read More: For Governor


Friends in the Republican and Libertarian parties have asked me to run for Governor. I’m thinking about it, and would love to hear comments, both for and against.

Please see the Facebook group: Warren Redlich for Governor

A couple of the agitators are:Eric SundwallandJim Ostrowski

I’m honored to be considered, and look forward to hearing from others. I do . . . → Read More: Governor?

December 16th Tea Party for Rand Paul

For all who want our governments to stop wasting our money, and all who are supportive of the Tea Party movements, the candidate to watch is Rand Paul.

There is a big money bomb event for the younger Dr. Paul – Rand’s Tea Party, set for December 16th. Please help the cause.

Rand Paul is the candidate to . . . → Read More: December 16th Tea Party for Rand Paul

Federal Health Care?

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail that included this picture. There was an explanation in the message, but the picture says more.For my thoughts about federal health care, see my posts on this blog labeled Universal . . . → Read More: Federal Health Care?

The New Money Bomb?

Trevor Lyman has a new website, and it looks interesting. If you’re a fan of Stop Wasting Money, Ron Paul, or the tea party movement, this site is worth checking . . . → Read More: The New Money Bomb?

Guilderland Election Results

The Guilderland election results for 2009 are in. Short story: For the next two years at least, Guilderland belongs to Ken Runion.

Details and some thoughts below:

For Supervisor:Kenneth D Runion Jr 4,647Peter A Golden 3,629

For the math-challenged, Runion won by over 1000 votes. That’s a big win.

For Town Board:

Paul C . . . → Read More: Guilderland Election Results

Bullying … and yes … Warren Redlich

Okay, this one isn’t really about me. But I’m in it.DayPortPlayer.newPlayer({articleID:”87025″,bannerAdConDefID:”15″,videoAdObjectID:”14″,videoAdConDefID:”6″,playVideoAds:”true”,autoPlay:”false”,categoryID:”6″,accPos:”CCTVI.VIDEO.LOCAL”,accSite:”WXXA”,playerInstanceID:”27574A89-06D1-CD92-4444-22719C5099EC”,domain:”wxxa.dayport.com”});Fox 23 News did a “focus” on bullying. Good story on a common problem faced by kids, how it’s changed over the last several years, and some things you can do about it. If you don’t see a video above, here’s a link to it on . . . → Read More: Bullying … and yes … Warren Redlich

The Infamous Warren Redlich

I’m really getting famous … well in Guilderland anyway, and maybe infamous rather than famous. Below are sections of a mailer that was sent to many voters in Guilderland:

What’s most interesting about this is the political strategy. I’m not a candidate this year. I’m on the board, but I’m not up for re-election until 2011.

This . . . → Read More: The Infamous Warren Redlich