Warren Redlich for Congress

In case no one’s figured it out yet, I’m running for Congress. With all the talk locally, no one seems to be mentioning me. Funny, since I’m the only one who has actually followed the law and filed with the Federal Election Commission.

I’m running as a supporter of the Ron Paul message. I actually endorsed Ron . . . → Read More: Warren Redlich for Congress

Albany for Ron Paul

Congratulations to the Albany Ron Paul Meetup group. Somehow they managed to get Dr. Paul covered in a favorable light in the a New York Times article.

I’m a member of the group, though I have done little or nothing other than support Dr. Paul on this blog. Hopefully I’ll be able to actually join the group . . . → Read More: Albany for Ron Paul

Times Union bias goes to 11

The Times Union has taken its anti-challenger bias to a new level. One courageous blogger has been criticizing the TU and its bias for some time now, on the Albany Media Bias blog. I haven’t blogged about it in this campaign until now, but they took it way over the top this morning.

We have been raising . . . → Read More: Times Union bias goes to 11