Obama, Basketball and Women

I just saw this article in the New York Times about a man’s world in the White House. Apparently there is growing criticism that President Obama doesn’t involve women enough in key decisions.

The highlight of this at the moment is an incident where Obama hosted “a high-level basketball game with no female players.” Oh dear!

This might . . . → Read More: Obama, Basketball and Women

A Republican Who Likes Obama

I’m an elected Republican and I’m happy with Barack Obama … sort of.

Of course I’m unhappy with him monkeying around with the economy, but he’s not doing any worse than Bush on that stuff.

Here’s why I’m happy:

1. Obama stepped up to the plate on medical marijuana. Under Bush (and Clinton), the feds would arrest people involved . . . → Read More: A Republican Who Likes Obama

The Obama Landslide and the Future of Fiscal Conservatives

Obama’s landslide victory yesterday is a strong rebuke for the last 8 years of mostly Republican rule. One has to wonder where the GOP will go from here.

I am hopeful that the fiscal conservative wing of the Republican Party will find a way to reassert itself. The dominance of the social conservatives and neocons led to . . . → Read More: The Obama Landslide and the Future of Fiscal Conservatives

Republicans After McCain

Well it looks like even John McCain thinks he’s going to lose. How did we get here? How can Republicans go forward?

One thing that stands out to me is the contrast between Obama and McCain in the debates. Barack Obama exudes confidence. He knows he can fix our problems. Obama is the epitome of the modern . . . → Read More: Republicans After McCain