The 20th Congressional District Gets Interesting

With Kirsten Gillibrand now a Senator, a special election is expected in the 20th congressional district. Governor Paterson should make an announcement soon. The Republicans have a candidate – my friend Jim Tedisco. The Democrats announced Scott Murphy – I was rooting for Tracey Brooks. And making it interesting is my friend Eric Sundwall. Eric ran . . . → Read More: The 20th Congressional District Gets Interesting

Buhrmaster for Congress

Well, the primary’s over. I’m really pleased with Steven Vasquez and his effort. He took Ron Paul’s 7% in this area and turned it into 31%.

But that’s over. It’s time to congratulate the winner, Jim Buhrmaster. He won the primary fair and square. He and his team fought hard, but were always cordial.

On the policy side, . . . → Read More: Buhrmaster for Congress

Paul Tonko: The Truth Starts to Come Out

Paul Tonko is running for Congress here in the Albany area. He’s gotten a lot of favorable local press for little reason. Now some negative news appears, but so far not in the local papers. Wonder if they’ll pick this up.

Check out this story about Paul Tonko on I think the site works with the . . . → Read More: Paul Tonko: The Truth Starts to Come Out

Warren Redlich for Congress

In case no one’s figured it out yet, I’m running for Congress. With all the talk locally, no one seems to be mentioning me. Funny, since I’m the only one who has actually followed the law and filed with the Federal Election Commission.

I’m running as a supporter of the Ron Paul message. I actually endorsed Ron . . . → Read More: Warren Redlich for Congress

Ron Paul and the future of the Revolution

I’ve been thinking about Ron Paul a lot lately. Went to a Meetup tonight.

I’m wondering what happens to the Ron Paul Revolution after February. If he wins the nomination it goes forward, but it’s so narrow. Just one candidate. Far more disturbing, if he loses the nomination, will the Revolution disappear?

The answer is that the Revolution . . . → Read More: Ron Paul and the future of the Revolution