Don Csaposs: The Stalking Gets Weirder

Not too long ago I wrote a post about how Guilderland town employee Donald Csaposs has been obsessed with me in cyberspace. Apparently the stalking continues.

Here’s the story: A friend of mine from elementary school has been posting our class pictures on Facebook. Several of us have been posting comments about the pictures, such as trying . . . → Read More: Don Csaposs: The Stalking Gets Weirder

Donald Csaposs: Cyberstalker?

Update: Click the following for the latest in Don Csaposs stalking me on the web.——————For those who don’t know, Donald Csaposs is a Guilderland town employee. His current title is “Grant Writer,” though he has had other titles in the past, such as “Economic Development Director.” Many consider him to be Ken Runion‘s right-hand man.

Well, Donald . . . → Read More: Donald Csaposs: Cyberstalker?

Nick Cassaro and Negative Politics

I’ve had a couple comments on this blog recently by someone named Nick Cassaro (or so the commenter identifies himself). The comments are a good example of a problem in politics.

On my most recent post about running for Congress, Cassaro writes:

Again?!! You want to lose three times in a row? Why do that to yourself and . . . → Read More: Nick Cassaro and Negative Politics