A Republican Who Likes Obama

I’m an elected Republican and I’m happy with Barack Obama … sort of.

Of course I’m unhappy with him monkeying around with the economy, but he’s not doing any worse than Bush on that stuff.

Here’s why I’m happy:

1. Obama stepped up to the plate on medical marijuana. Under Bush (and Clinton), the feds would arrest people involved . . . → Read More: A Republican Who Likes Obama

More Marijuana

This follows nicely on my last post. A brave California state legislator, Tom Ammiano, proposed that the state legalize and tax marijuana. This is all over the web, but there’s a good start on it on The Lede on the New York Times.

I’m amazed at how tame the reaction is so far. Maybe it will . . . → Read More: More Marijuana

The Drug War: Latin American Perspective

I couldn’t say it better myself. Three prominent politics from Latin America on the drug war, from the Wall . . . → Read More: The Drug War: Latin American Perspective

Another Casualty of the War on Drugs

Just noticed this on the web. Rachel Hoffman was killed by our idiotic drug war policies. As a parent, this story is the nightmare I hope to avoid for myself and so many others. A newscast that gives some description . . . → Read More: Another Casualty of the War on Drugs

The Drug War: Availability and Crime

Read two great bits about the drug war yesterday. First, from a letter by Ronald Shafer in the 12/30/2008 Wall Street Journal:

To believe that legalizing drugs would slash crime and violence is a pipe dream. Does anyone really think that the thugs and killers in the drug trade would suddenly become law-abiding insurance salesmen? Certainly drug . . . → Read More: The Drug War: Availability and Crime

End Prohibition

I frequently write about how the drug war has failed. Here’s a link to a great article by Ethan Nadelmann about ending drug prohibition. Ethan is the leading voice in the drug policy reform movement, and he’s a good . . . → Read More: End Prohibition

John Stossel Again

Awhile back I did a post about John Stossel and the drug war.

Well, he’s done it again. Click the following link to read John Stossel on . . . → Read More: John Stossel Again

John Stossel Gets the Drug War

I went to a great event last week put on by the Marijuana Policy Project. The event was celebrating progress toward getting medical marijuana legislation passed in New York State. Montel Williams was probably the best overall speaker. He suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, and says that medical marijuana is the best treatment he has found for . . . → Read More: John Stossel Gets the Drug War

More about Ron Paul

I was responding to an e-mail discussion within my family about Ron Paul and figured most of what I wrote would make a good post about why I support him. So …

For any of us looking at any candidate, there will always be issues with which we disagree. The difference between Ron Paul and most others . . . → Read More: More about Ron Paul