Math Education in the US

I’m growing more and more disappointed with math education in the US. I’ve heard many neighbors complain about the Everyday Math curriculum in our local elementary school. I won’t go into that in too much detail, but we have concerns.

My current frustration is with what I’m seeing in some kids I know. When I encounter young . . . → Read More: Math Education in the US

Too Much Computer Time for Kids?

Parents are important in education. I see that a lot, and I buy into it. The argument is made again yesterday by Daniel Akst in the Wall Street Journal. Akst repeats a common theme within that story — that kids spend too much time with TV, video games and computers. Personally I think that part of . . . → Read More: Too Much Computer Time for Kids?

Education Policy & Charles Murray

There’s a great series of opinion pieces in the Wall Street Journal from earlier this month. Three articles by Charles Murray on January 16, 17, and 18. For now at least they are online at:

I have to start by saying I disagree with him in a few significant ways, but I give Murray a lot of . . . → Read More: Education Policy & Charles Murray