Immigration Checkpoints

Along the lines of the previous post about Steven Bierfeldt, I just noticed this criticism of the increasing use of “immigration checkpoints”: Checkpoint USA. They also have a good YouTube channel . . . → Read More: Immigration Checkpoints

Fred Ex and the Problem with John McCain

The Wall Street Journal has a great article this morning about Fred Smith of FedEx, the economy, and John McCain. Smith supports McCain because of four key issues: trade, taxes, energy and health care. I don’t trust McCain on the biggest issue — spending.

Fred Smith is one of the great heroes of the modern US economy. . . . → Read More: Fred Ex and the Problem with John McCain

Immigration: Our Prejudices

In the past few months I’ve heard a few friends and family complain about immigration. There is this overwhelming prejudice in America (and elsewhere) that immigration is a bad thing. I’ve never bought into that.

But instead of me ranting again, I just want to point out a book I read about (and will be reading soon). . . . → Read More: Immigration: Our Prejudices

Immigration, the Republican Candidates for President, and Ron Paul

I watched the Republican presidential debate on ABC, and was struck by how most of the candidates lack any grip on reality with regard to immigration (except, of course, for Ron Paul).

A substantial dispute was what to do about the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country. The extreme view is that all 12 million . . . → Read More: Immigration, the Republican Candidates for President, and Ron Paul

More on Immigration and Wasting Money

I was thinking about my post about immigration on Thursday and wanted to follow up.

After a little research I estimate that the lower 48 states have about 11,000 miles of border, including both coastline and the lines between the US and Canada/Mexico.

To keep illegals out, figure you would need at least 10 border agents per mile . . . → Read More: More on Immigration and Wasting Money

Immigration – The Hidden Waste of Money

As an attorney I’ve represented several defendants charged with violating immigration laws. This has taught me quite a bit about immigration, and perhaps more important about deportation.

As you may have guessed from the title of this post, our friendly federal government wastes a tremendous amount of money in this process. The most obvious is the situation . . . → Read More: Immigration – The Hidden Waste of Money

Homeland Security Waste #2: Immigration

I support a much higher level of immigration. I’m swimming against a strong tide on this, I know. I promised not to pull any punches on this blog, so here it goes: If you’re anti-immigration, you’re just another bigot.

Even if you’re a “native American”, at some point your ancestors walked across what is now the Bering . . . → Read More: Homeland Security Waste #2: Immigration