Dan Rather Discovers Chomsky

Just a quick note here. I saw Dan Rather’s criticism of the mainstream media just now. Nice to see he figured something out. Too bad he didn’t read Noam Chomsky sooner. I read Deterring Democracy more than 10 years ago. Pretty much everything Rather says in his comments could be pulled from that book alone. And . . . → Read More: Dan Rather Discovers Chomsky

Ron Paul poll numbers up

The mainstream media (MSM) is running out of reasons for ignoring Ron Paul. When he first announced, they just plain ignored him. He was a fringe candidate with no support, no money, no organization, no name recognition, and no success in the polls.

Then he developed a substantial following on the web, and started winning online polls. . . . → Read More: Ron Paul poll numbers up

Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul

I didn’t see the whole debate, but I noticed that a lot of the mainstream media picked up on an exchange between Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul. You can read a more detailed analysis on Brian Berkey’s blog, and in many other places, including YouTube, but I’ll give a short synopsis.

Ron Paul spoke against US interventionist . . . → Read More: Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul