The Infamous Warren Redlich

I’m really getting famous … well in Guilderland anyway, and maybe infamous rather than famous. Below are sections of a mailer that was sent to many voters in Guilderland:

What’s most interesting about this is the political strategy. I’m not a candidate this year. I’m on the board, but I’m not up for re-election until 2011.

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Politics Can Be Frustrating

Running for office has its advantages and disadvantages. Mostly it’s the latter. If you win there are some advantages, but winning is difficult for non-incumbents and even when you do win it’s not as rosy as you might think.

One example of the frustration is how you can get attacked. Sometimes it comes from the opposition. Depending . . . → Read More: Politics Can Be Frustrating

Nick Cassaro and Negative Politics

I’ve had a couple comments on this blog recently by someone named Nick Cassaro (or so the commenter identifies himself). The comments are a good example of a problem in politics.

On my most recent post about running for Congress, Cassaro writes:

Again?!! You want to lose three times in a row? Why do that to yourself and . . . → Read More: Nick Cassaro and Negative Politics