More about Ron Paul

I was responding to an e-mail discussion within my family about Ron Paul and figured most of what I wrote would make a good post about why I support him. So …

For any of us looking at any candidate, there will always be issues with which we disagree. The difference between Ron Paul and most others . . . → Read More: More about Ron Paul

An early endorsement for President in 2008

I was pleased to see that Ron Paul, a congressman from Texas, is running for President. When Alan Chartock interviewed me he kept saying how I didn’t sound like a Republican and asked me to name a Republican politician that I support. Ron Paul was the first and only name I mentioned.

Ron Paul would make a . . . → Read More: An early endorsement for President in 2008

Presidential campaigns suck

Ugh. I turned on the Today Show briefly this morning and they were discussing the 2008 presidential campaign. The first primary/caucus is more than a year away, and it’s already starting to dominate the news. Ross Perot’s giant sucking sound now reflects the media getting sucked into following around Hillary, Barack, Al, Rudy, a couple of . . . → Read More: Presidential campaigns suck