Republicans After McCain

Well it looks like even John McCain thinks he’s going to lose. How did we get here? How can Republicans go forward?

One thing that stands out to me is the contrast between Obama and McCain in the debates. Barack Obama exudes confidence. He knows he can fix our problems. Obama is the epitome of the modern . . . → Read More: Republicans After McCain

Ron Paul Republicans

Now that Ron Paul is essentially out of the presidential race, what will happen to the moment? One sentiment I’ve seen repeatedly is that Ron Paul supporters will leave the Republican Party and do something else – the libertarians, some other 3rd party, or just withdrawing from politics entirely.

I hope, instead, that most will stay with . . . → Read More: Ron Paul Republicans

Something wrong with liberals and Democrats (Republicans too)

Paul Krugman wrote a column in the New York Times on May 28th that stands out as something that bothers me about liberals and Democrats, though I have similar gripes about conservatives and Republicans.

In his op-ed piece (which non-subscribers can read at the Free Democracy blog), Krugman thoroughly criticizes President Bush for the war in Iraq. . . . → Read More: Something wrong with liberals and Democrats (Republicans too)