Swine Flu: Ron Paul Talking Straight

Dr. Paul (he’s really a doctor) talks about how government (and perhaps the media) is overreacting to the swine flu outbreak. . . . → Read More: Swine Flu: Ron Paul Talking Straight


I would say this is incredible, but unfortunately this is becoming normal in America.

Video below, or read about it in the . . . → Read More: Wow!!

Steven Vasquez: The Ron Paul Revolution Grows

Kudos to Steven Vasquez and the Vasquez Volunteers for running a great race. On the one hand I’m disappointed that he didn’t win. But on the other hand, his vote totals were impressive.

Vasquez was outspent in the primary by more than 10-1. He ran on the Ron Paul agenda. Paul got about 7% of the vote . . . → Read More: Steven Vasquez: The Ron Paul Revolution Grows

Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty

Huge news in the Ron Paul movement. With his presidential campaign effectively over, Ron Paul announced the Campaign for Liberty. If you support Ron Paul, please join.

What I like most about it is the mission statement, and that the first item is: Promoting candidates for public office who share our commitment to freedom.

Moving the Ron Paul . . . → Read More: Ron Paul and the Campaign for Liberty

Trevor Lyman Rocks!

Just a quick note about one of the greatest Ron Paul supporters, Trevor Lyman. Trevor is the guy who organized the two money bombs, raising something like $10 million for the Ron Paul presidential campaign. That’s not all he did but that’s what stands out most to me and probably others.

Basically, Lyman channeled lightning twice. He’s . . . → Read More: Trevor Lyman Rocks!

Jeff Gaul

This post was about Jeff Paul, related to the Ron Paul and Steven Vasquez campaigns. As I promised in my final comment, it is now time to take down the post. I’m deleting the comments as well, though I have preserved all of it in case it becomes necessary. I will leave up the embedded interview . . . → Read More: Jeff Gaul

Ron Paul Republicans

Now that Ron Paul is essentially out of the presidential race, what will happen to the moment? One sentiment I’ve seen repeatedly is that Ron Paul supporters will leave the Republican Party and do something else – the libertarians, some other 3rd party, or just withdrawing from politics entirely.

I hope, instead, that most will stay with . . . → Read More: Ron Paul Republicans

The Ron Paul Revolution: Hope for the Future

In the wake of Super Tuesday, it seems like a number of Ron Paul supporters are disappointed. They shouldn’t be. The campaign so far has invigorated my faith in the American people.

Sure, I would have liked to see Ron Paul win the nomination, and I admit that doesn’t look likely at the moment. But that would . . . → Read More: The Ron Paul Revolution: Hope for the Future

More Times Union Bias Against Ron Paul

Today the Times Union staff went over the top. They stuck their fingers in their ears, their heads in the sand, and any remaining journalistic integrity into a dark and smelly hole. The front page has a big story (not as big as the Giants of course) about Super Tuesday. It shows five presidential candidates. On . . . → Read More: More Times Union Bias Against Ron Paul

Ron Paul: Packaging the Message?

In my last post I predicted 14% for Ron Paul in New Hampshire. He got 8%. Oops.

I think the campaign is encountering a problem I mentioned in an earlier post about the Ron Paul message.

Ron Paul now has a base. It’s about 8-10% of the voters in Republican primaries. Not bad for a start, but it’s . . . → Read More: Ron Paul: Packaging the Message?