Does Bogus Rhyme With Stimulus?

As Obama and the new Congress roll towards a trillion dollar stimulus package, it’s time to take a look at the concept of the government use of a “stimulus” to boost the economy.

The general idea underlying this idea is that fiscal policy can be used in a recession to stimulate economic activity. But there’s a problem . . . → Read More: Does Bogus Rhyme With Stimulus?

Fred Ex and the Problem with John McCain

The Wall Street Journal has a great article this morning about Fred Smith of FedEx, the economy, and John McCain. Smith supports McCain because of four key issues: trade, taxes, energy and health care. I don’t trust McCain on the biggest issue — spending.

Fred Smith is one of the great heroes of the modern US economy. . . . → Read More: Fred Ex and the Problem with John McCain

Guilderland NY – Reckless Spending

Just a brief update on what’s going on in Guilderland NY and with the town government. There has been a flurry of activity in the Altamont Enterprise, with letters going back and forth. Mike Ricard is trying to divert attention from his own failings and is hiding behind the assessor.

More interesting are some numbers I recently . . . → Read More: Guilderland NY – Reckless Spending