The Times Union and Tom Golisano

The Times Union sneers at Tom Golisano for moving to Florida to reduce his taxes. Some quotes from the TU:

to get out of paying his fair share of taxes

I’m pretty sure Golisano has paid more taxes than anyone at the Times Union, and probably more than the entire operation.

That what it all comes down to is, . . . → Read More: The Times Union and Tom Golisano

Donald Csaposs: Cyberstalker?

Update: Click the following for the latest in Don Csaposs stalking me on the web.——————For those who don’t know, Donald Csaposs is a Guilderland town employee. His current title is “Grant Writer,” though he has had other titles in the past, such as “Economic Development Director.” Many consider him to be Ken Runion‘s right-hand man.

Well, Donald . . . → Read More: Donald Csaposs: Cyberstalker?

The Tonko Times Union

The Times Union is falling all over itself to embrace Paul Tonko for Congress. I swear there has to have been five stories about him running.

- He’s thinking about running- He’s close to running- He quit his job so he’s probably running- He’s going to announce that he’s running- He announced that he’s running.

This doesn’t count . . . → Read More: The Tonko Times Union

More Times Union Bias Against Ron Paul

Today the Times Union staff went over the top. They stuck their fingers in their ears, their heads in the sand, and any remaining journalistic integrity into a dark and smelly hole. The front page has a big story (not as big as the Giants of course) about Super Tuesday. It shows five presidential candidates. On . . . → Read More: More Times Union Bias Against Ron Paul

Ron Paul and Media Bias in the Times Union and Fox News

I posted way back in April of 2007 (remember way back then?) about the Times Union bias against Ron Paul. I have to admit that Fox News took the cake on this one by keeping Ron Paul out of their televised debate tonight. That one’s pretty unbelievable. Many have discussed this, but in short, Paul beat . . . → Read More: Ron Paul and Media Bias in the Times Union and Fox News

Times Union bias goes to 11

The Times Union has taken its anti-challenger bias to a new level. One courageous blogger has been criticizing the TU and its bias for some time now, on the Albany Media Bias blog. I haven’t blogged about it in this campaign until now, but they took it way over the top this morning.

We have been raising . . . → Read More: Times Union bias goes to 11