Philadelphia Traffic Court – Too Many Tickets?

Just read a great column that mentions the Philadelphia Traffic Court. The writer, Stu Bykofsky from the Philadelphia Daily News notes that their police made 357,000 traffic stops in 2008 (and 212,000 pedestrian stops). That’s amazing.

Compare the New York State Police. They wrote just over 1 million tickets in 2007 (per the Legislative Gazette) – . . . → Read More: Philadelphia Traffic Court – Too Many Tickets?

Traffic Court – Corzine & Hilton

Traffic Court has vaulted, ever so briefly, into the public consciousness. Paris Hilton’s experience lets everyone know how serious the consequences can be for a DUI offense, while Governor Jon Corzine has exposed the general hypocrisy of our traffic laws.

Personally, I find Hilton’s story to be pure comedy. First, her BAC was only 0.08. Why didn’t . . . → Read More: Traffic Court – Corzine & Hilton