Federal Health Care?

A friend of mine sent me an e-mail that included this picture. There was an explanation in the message, but the picture says more.For my thoughts about federal health care, see my posts on this blog labeled Universal . . . → Read More: Federal Health Care?

Rand Paul on Health Care

Rand Paul is, for now, better known as the son of Ron Paul. But he’s stepping out and deserves attention for who he is. Below is a video where he talks about health care.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BugRMHaL3lU]This is a bit of preaching to the converted. Libertarians already get it. The challenge for Rand Paul and others is finding a . . . → Read More: Rand Paul on Health Care

Universal Health Care and the Doctors

I saw this great op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal: When Doctors Opt Out. Not sure if the article will stay online. It’s by a Dr. Marc Siegel, and he talks at length about doctors refusing to accept Medicaid and Medicare patients. This does not bode well for a government-run universal health care system.

For some . . . → Read More: Universal Health Care and the Doctors

Ted Kennedy and Universal Health Care

I’ve been scratching my head about the Ted Kennedy brain surgery thing. Here’s a guy from Boston who works in Washington DC. New York City is in between the two. And he goes to North Carolina to get the surgery done.

It’s my impression that both Boston and New York City have outstanding doctors. Not that they’re . . . → Read More: Ted Kennedy and Universal Health Care

Universal Health Care – one more time

I’ve mentioned universal health care at least a few times before, most recently in a post about Socialized Medicine. In the last few days I caught a bit of a Democratic presidential debate where universal health care was discussed in some detail. I also have read a bit about the plan put forward by Hillary Clinton, . . . → Read More: Universal Health Care – one more time

Socialized medicine

I attended a talk tonight where the speaker discussed health care rationing. Underlying the entire talk, and explicitly mentioned at least once, was the notion that health care is special and should not be subject to the crudeness of market forces. The speaker plainly supports socialized medicine and I do agree with him that we currently . . . → Read More: Socialized medicine

Universal Health Care again

I posted a while ago about Universal Health Care. A friend and I were chatting last night about it and that motivated me to discuss it again.

A couple things he said got to me. For one, he said something like “40 million people in this country don’t have access to health care.” This is rubbish! (I . . . → Read More: Universal Health Care again

Universal Health Care: A Looming Catastrophe

People frequently ask about my position on health care. The incumbent in my race, Mike McNulty, advocates “universal health care.” This is a popular idea. It’s also dangerously wrong.

–Update: Most recent post on this blog about Universal Health Care and Doctors–

When I’m asked about this idea, I often respond by asking: “Why not universal free food, . . . → Read More: Universal Health Care: A Looming Catastrophe