Friends in the Republican and Libertarian parties have asked me to run for Governor. I’m thinking about it, and would love to hear comments, both for and against.

Please see the Facebook group: Warren Redlich for Governor

A couple of the agitators are:Eric SundwallandJim Ostrowski

I’m honored to be considered, and look forward to hearing from others. I do . . . → Read More: Governor?

Bullying … and yes … Warren Redlich

Okay, this one isn’t really about me. But I’m in it.DayPortPlayer.newPlayer({articleID:”87025″,bannerAdConDefID:”15″,videoAdObjectID:”14″,videoAdConDefID:”6″,playVideoAds:”true”,autoPlay:”false”,categoryID:”6″,accPos:”CCTVI.VIDEO.LOCAL”,accSite:”WXXA”,playerInstanceID:”27574A89-06D1-CD92-4444-22719C5099EC”,domain:””});Fox 23 News did a “focus” on bullying. Good story on a common problem faced by kids, how it’s changed over the last several years, and some things you can do about it. If you don’t see a video above, here’s a link to it on . . . → Read More: Bullying … and yes … Warren Redlich

The Infamous Warren Redlich

I’m really getting famous … well in Guilderland anyway, and maybe infamous rather than famous. Below are sections of a mailer that was sent to many voters in Guilderland:

What’s most interesting about this is the political strategy. I’m not a candidate this year. I’m on the board, but I’m not up for re-election until 2011.

This . . . → Read More: The Infamous Warren Redlich

Warren Redlich for Congress

In case no one’s figured it out yet, I’m running for Congress. With all the talk locally, no one seems to be mentioning me. Funny, since I’m the only one who has actually followed the law and filed with the Federal Election Commission.

I’m running as a supporter of the Ron Paul message. I actually endorsed Ron . . . → Read More: Warren Redlich for Congress